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The lab test results from sampling at various locations throughout Scotia on July 20, 2015 were assembled in an analytical table and accompanied by an aerial photo location map for agency review and public information.

The State Water Resources Control Board has requested additional and continuing testing, and any further results will be reported here.

Covenant and Agreement to Dedicate Property and Convey other Assets to the Scotia CSD.


 Elected Board Members to be sworn in April 17, 2014 

At long last!  After a protracted period of drafting and negotiations, on March 17, 2014 the Town of Scotia Company (TOS) completed agreement with the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) on a complex and strategic instrument which is the final step to formalizing the Scotia Community Services District (CSD).  The Covenant and Agreement to Dedicate Property and Convey other Assets to the Scotia Community Services District is comprised of 45 pages of covenants, dedications, agreements and exhibits.  See the whole package attached below.  The materials secure performance by TOS of all of the conditions of approval for CSD formation.   As a consequence of completing the Covenant and Agreement, the LAFCo executive officer, also on March 17, signed and recorded a Certificate of Completion (also attached below).  The Certificate, the Covenant and Agreement and the LAFCo Approval were all placed in the official records of the County of Humboldt, giving constructive notice to the entire world that in Scotia there is now a new form of civic governance.   As some of you may recall, the process was long, sometimes complicated, and it included a popular election in which both the terms of formation of the CSD and election of individuals to serve as members of the 1st CSD Board of Directors were approved by the vast majority (94%) of local voters. The CSD Board of Directors has much to do before it will be engaging in “business as usual.”  However, important steps are already being taken, and on April 17, 2014 the members-elect of the Board of Directors will take the Oath of Office at a ceremony officiated by our 1st District County Supervisor, Rex Bohn.  The event will take place at the Scotia CSD offices beginning at 6:30pm. “The swearing in ceremony is an important event in the life of the Town of Scotia,” said Frank Bacik of TOS.  “We plan to throw a suitable soiree' and have the event catered with food and refreshments.  We want to invite everyone in the community, and all those who played any part in CSD formation, to join us in celebrating this milestone.” While planning for the event has just begun, we hope to include open tours of the Winema Theater, the Scotia Museum, and the CSD offices.  All are facilities where the CSD may someday soon conduct business and/or provide important services to the community. It is possible that immediately after being sworn in, and perhaps before the party starts, Board members may officially convene a brief first formal meeting, elect a chairperson or Board President from among their ranks, and  adopt policies and procedures for setting meetings, etc. --  all essential steps on the route to governance.  The Board and its Interim Manager will set the agenda.  For more information, watch the bulletin boards at the CSD Offices, Post Office and throughout town for details, or check the CSD webpage at or TOS website: for timely notices.  The Board currently schedules it meetings to occur on the Third Thursday of each month.   The Covenant and Agreement to Dedicated Property and other Assets to the Scotia CSD and the Certificate of Completion are essential reading for everyone who lives in Scotia.  The Covenant and Agreement details all of the property, facilities, assets and infrastructure which will be transferred from TOS to the CSD.  This includes such community resources as the Historic Winema Theater, the Scotia Museum, Carpenter’s Ballfield, Fireman’s Park, the Community Soccer Field and the riverside Scotia Community Forest.  “Never has a Community Services District benefitted by acquiring so many community facilities when just starting out.” Said Frank Bacik; “These facilities are not just concepts, to be developed at a later time; they are fully functioning, and already a part of Scotia’s history and culture.  These valuable assets and properties will be preserved and made available for use by the community, through the CSD, forever.”


We’ll see you at the swearing-in party April 17!    More details to come.



Town of Scotia Company (TOS) will soon begin electrical service upgrades throughout Scotia.   Some of the first construction activity will focus on upgrading electrical service panels and meter boxes on every home and business in town.  This way, each service user will be ready for connection to PG&E as soon as the utility has completed its Distribution System Equipment upgrade in any given neighborhood.  That larger project (new poles, transformers and high voltage lines) is also underway. Completing the household service meter and circuit panel wiring will require some work both outside and inside most homes, including in the attic.   TOS will give advance notice of the time when access to the yard or interior of any home or business is required.  Notice of Entry will be mailed, hand delivered and/or posted on the rental premises at least 24 to 48 hours prior to access to complete this essential work. Timely access is critical.  The old, private electrical distribution system will be dismantled as PG&E installs the new public utility components.  TOS has engaged Colburn Electric to begin as soon as February 7, 2014 upgrading service panels and meter boxes at homes in the North Court Scotia neighborhood. These craftsmen and women are NOT engaged to inspect your household for any other purpose.  They are not charged with reporting compliance with lease provisions, and they will not be photographing or recording the condition or status of your premises.  Their job is strictly to upgrade specific electrical components of your rental home or business so that it can be timely connected to the new PG&E distribution system as that new system comes on-line. The work is obviously important, and it is critically time-sensitive.  We will instruct our electricians to be considerate of your reasonable concerns, respectful of your privacy and careful of your household and furnishings while they are conducting their work.  But entry and work must be accomplished on the time schedule required by the project to avoid prolonged interruption of electrical service. All electricians authorized by TOS to enter and complete work at your home or business will be attired in high-visibility safety gear of bright orange or yellow, and they will carry a special credential issued from TOS for the purpose of identifying themselves and demonstrating their authority.   You may confirm their authorization by calling or visiting the TOS office.   You are obviously welcome to be present to observe all work being done, though your presence is not required, and you should in no way interfere with the conduct of any electrician’s efforts.   As planned, exterior work will be completed first and electricians will return later, following Notice of Entry, to conduct interior wiring to complete connections. Again, we anticipate that Colburn Electric will begin work on the outside of the first homes and businesses in or near North Court beginning February 7th.  So look for your Notice of Entry, and let us know how our electricians are doing. If you have any questions or concerns, please call or visit the TOS office.    Thank you,TOS Management



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